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Where is 790 on George?

You would be surprised but we are actually at 790 George Street. At the crossing of George Street and Rawsons Place.

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button icon Address 790 George St., Haymarket, Sydney


phone: +61 (02) 90801155


Getting to 790

1. Train: 15 mins, AUD 17(approx.)Take the Train from the Airport to the Iconic Central Station. From Central Station take the Eddy Avenue exit from. Walk left down Eddy Avenue to Sydney’s main street – George Street. We are the green heritage building, our entrance is just before George Street. Right above Happy Travels and the famous Five Star Kebabs.If it’s the backpacker scene you need – you’re in the heart of it. From 790 on George, Sydney is at your doorstep.

2. Taxi: 30-40 mins, AUD 25-40 A cab might be the easiest way to get to the city and if you share it with a friend it would even be the cheapest option. Try and avoid cabs during peak hours.

3. Airport Shuttle 30-60 mins, AUD 12-22 There are a few companies that would drop you off infront of the hostel. Make sure you check prices before you board. 790 has cheapest Airport transfer charges in the city. If you want contact us to arrange the transfer from and to the Airport. book airport transfers here with our partner company Airbus Sydney.

4. Uber: the new in thing. Ride share and save money. You will need to download the app on your mobile device.

5. Walk, 1hr30mins-2hrs, Free We won’t advise it! Has been done though!